The Technic AZ 60 Mark I or M2 TR Wireless Airbuds: A Review

Unboxing and Design

The Technic AZ 60 Mark I or M2 TR Wireless Airbuds are recognised for their stable sound and mind-blowing characteristic set for the rate. The earbuds include 8mm drivers and energetic noise cancelling, which make contributions to their notable audio overall performance.

Starting with the unboxing, the package consists of the AZ 60 M2 earbuds, a charging case with a USBC port, replaceable ear tips for a custom fit, a USB C2C cable for charging, and the usual office work with instructions and guides. The earbuds are available in numerous hues, and we’ve got the middle of the night blue version for overview. The layout of both the case and the earbuds is smooth and lightweight, with a pleasant matte finish.

The earbuds function a stemless layout, that’s desired through many customers for its glossy appearance. With the best ear pointers, they provide a stable and snug suit, making them suitable for diverse sports, consisting of workout routines. Additionally, the AZ 60 M2 earbuds are IPX4 rated, presenting sweat resistance and similarly enhancing their suitability for lively use.

Impressive Features

The AZ 60 M2 earbuds boast an array of brilliant functions. They provide amazing noise cancellation, making sure a clean and immersive listening experience. The energetic noise cancellation generation, combined with Technics’ signature clean sound, allows users to experience their preferred track, podcasts, TV suggests, and movies with rich bass, clean trebles, and crisp vocals.

One standout function of the AZ 60 M2 earbuds is the lengthy battery existence. With up to 7 hours of playback time on a unmarried fee, customers can revel in prolonged listening classes with out stressful approximately walking out of strength. The earbuds additionally feature stable microphones with “just my voice” generation, permitting clear speech at some point of telephone calls or voice instructions.

The Technics Audio Connect app similarly complements the listening experience. It gives customers with the potential to personalize the audio settings to fit their possibilities and the content material they’re enjoying. Whether it’s adjusting the equalizer presets or developing a custom audio profile, the app offers a degree of flexibleness that permits customers to tailor the sound to their liking.

Another standout function is the three-way multi-point connection. Unlike maximum earbuds that best assist connection to 2 gadgets simultaneously, the AZ 60 M2 earbuds can seamlessly connect to up to three gadgets. This is in particular handy for individuals who use multiple devices, such as a computer and two telephones, because it gets rid of the need for steady re-pairing.

The Ultimate Listening Experience

The Technic AZ 60 M2 earbuds excel in supplying customers with an fantastic listening enjoy. The combination in their audio best, noise cancellation competencies, and handy capabilities makes them a pinnacle desire for tune fans, frequent vacationers, and professionals.

During tremendous journey, inclusive of long-haul flights, the AZ 60 M2 earbuds shine. The top-tier noise cancellation, coupled with the adjustable power and the Ambient sound function, ensures a non violent and immersive experience, even in noisy environments. This is specifically useful for folks who regularly travel for paintings or enjoyment.

Personal revel in with the AZ 60 M2 earbuds has been nothing brief of stunning. The seamless transition among the use of the earbuds for modifying on a laptop and receiving cellphone calls on specific phones is a game-changer. This feature, which isn’t commonly determined in different earbuds, significantly enhances comfort and productiveness in ordinary conditions.

In terms of comfort, the AZ 60 M2 earbuds stand out over again. Even at some point of prolonged use, they continue to be cushty and secure within the ears, allowing customers to enjoy their preferred content for hours on give up. The light-weight layout and the availability of various ear tip sizes make sure a customised match for premier comfort.

Battery Life and Charging

The AZ 60 M2 earbuds offer impressive battery life, with as much as 7 hours of listening time on a unmarried charge. The blanketed charging case provides a further 24 hours of backup electricity, making sure that customers can experience their favorite content material with out interruptions.

For brought convenience, the earbuds help quick charging. Just 15 minutes of charging via the USB-C port can provide as much as 70 minutes of listening time. Furthermore, the case supports wireless charging, permitting users to without problems charge their earbuds with out the trouble of cables.


The Technic AZ 60 Mark I or M2 TR Wireless Airbuds provide a compelling aggregate of superior sound exceptional, superior capabilities, and cushty layout. Whether you’re a song lover, a frequent traveller, or a professional in want of dependable earbuds for paintings, the AZ 60 M2 earbuds are an extremely good choice.

With notable noise cancellation, a steady and snug match, and lengthy battery existence, these earbuds provide an immersive listening revel in in any putting. The extra features, such as the Technics Audio Connect app and the 3-way multi-point connection, in addition beautify convenience and customization.

If you’re inquisitive about experiencing the Technic AZ 60 Mark I or M2 TR Wireless Airbuds for your self, take a look at out the link inside the description under. Don’t miss out at the opportunity to raise your audio experience to new heights with these awesome earbuds.

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