Seven Reasons to Avoid Buying the Honor X8a 5G


Hey everyone, . In this blog, I’m going to give you seven reasons to avoid buying the Honor X8a 5G. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad phone by any means. It offers an affordable option for those looking for a 5G phone with great storage, a good camera, and a nice design. However, depending on your expectations, this phone may not have all the features and qualities you’re looking for. So, let’s dive into the reasons why you might want to consider something else.

No Wireless Charging

First on the list is the absence of wireless charging. While wireless charging is not typically expected in more affordable entry-level devices, it is a convenient feature to have. It can be especially useful when traveling or when your charging port breaks. So, if wireless charging is a must-have for you, you might want to consider a higher-end phone.

Selfie Camera Quality

The second reason to consider an alternative is the selfie camera quality. While the main camera on the Honor X8a 5G is impressive, the selfie camera falls short. Compared to other entry-level phones, the selfie camera produces blurry images that may not meet your standards for posting on social media. If you take a lot of selfies, you may want to look at other options.

Outdated Software

Next up is the software. The Honor X8a 5G only comes with Android 12, which is disappointing considering that we are on the verge of Android 14. If having the latest version of Android is important to you, you may want to explore other phones. However, it’s worth noting that the phone runs smoothly and gets the job done despite the outdated software.


The fourth reason to think twice about the Honor X8a 5G is its processor. While the phone performs decently for basic activities like web browsing and social media use, it may feel slow for power users or those who engage in more demanding tasks like video editing or high-performance gaming. If you fall into the latter category, you might want to consider a higher-end device.

No Ultrawide Camera

A fifth reason to consider other options is the absence of an ultrawide camera. While the rear camera setup on the Honor X8a 5G is impressive, it lacks an ultrawide camera, which can be useful for capturing scenery, group photos, and vacation shots. If having an ultrawide camera is essential to you, there are other entry-level 5G phones available that offer this feature.

Display Quality

The sixth reason to look elsewhere is the display quality. While the size and aspect ratio of the screen are favorable, the image quality is not exceptional. With a 720p resolution and TFT LCD technology, the display falls short compared to phones with higher resolutions and superior display technologies like AMOLED or OLED. If you prioritize great image quality, there are better options available.

No 4K Video Recording

Finally, the seventh reason to consider other phones is the lack of 4K video recording. The Honor X8a 5G only supports a maximum recording quality of 1080p, which may be disappointing for those who want to capture videos in higher resolutions. As 4K video becomes more popular, it’s worth considering a phone that offers this feature if video recording is important to you.


In conclusion, while the Honor X8a 5G has its merits, there are several reasons to consider other options. If you prioritize wireless charging, high-quality selfies, the latest software, top-notch performance, an ultrawide camera, excellent display quality, or 4K video recording, there are alternative phones available that may better suit your needs. However, if you’re seeking an affordable 5G phone with ample storage, a good rear camera, a large battery, and features like NFC, the Honor X8a 5G is still worth considering.

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