New Leaks of Google Pixel 9 Pro: What to Expect

A Completely New Design

The Google Pixel nine Pro, set to be released nine months from now, has already been leaked. According to the reputable source, OnLeaks, those leaks provide a good idea of what the Pixel 9 Pro will look like. The important takeaway from these leaks is the advent of a totally new layout. For the first time in three years, Google is shifting far from the enduring layout of the Pixel 6, 7, and eight, which features a curved frame and a digital camera module that blends into the body. Instead, the Pixel nine Pro may have a totally flat body with a flat digital camera module as well.

A Change in Display

In addition to the new layout, the leaks propose that the Pixel 9 Pro may also include a new display. While the Pixel 6 Pro and 7 Pro had curved displays and the Pixel 8 Pro had a flat show with barely curved side bezels, the Pixel 9 Pro’s show appears to be completely flat with no curved bezels. The facet bezels also seem to be slightly thinner than the ones on the Pixel eight Pro. The body of the Pixel 9 Pro has a moderate curve, similar to the iPhone 15’s frame, which now not best adds to the aesthetics but additionally makes it extra comfortable to maintain in the hand. The glossy finish of the frame offers it a top class appearance, despite the fact that it may be susceptible to fingerprints.

Camera Upgrades

Google has made a few interesting modifications to the digital camera design of the Pixel 9 Pro. While retaining the long-lasting camera strip, the new layout resembles the camera module of the Pixel 5. It’s hard to decide if there can be any enormous hardware improvements to the digicam, because the leaks most effective provide the dimensions of the whole digicam strip and not the individual dimensions of the module. However, considering that the Pixel 8 Pro already uses a newer sensor than the Pixel 7 Pro and six Pro, it’s miles unlikely that there will be important digicam hardware changes within the Pixel 9 Pro.

Temperature Sensor

One function this is predicted to carry over from the Pixel 8 Pro to the Pixel 9 Pro is the temperature sensor. Initially, this feature appeared unnecessary because it was no longer FDA-authorized and will best measure the temperature of random things. However, latest information suggests that the temperature sensor has received FDA approval, allowing customers to measure their body temperature. This function could be particularly beneficial for those feeling underneath the climate, as they are able to quick decide in the event that they have a fever the usage of their Pixel device.

Possible Color Options

The leaks suggest that the Pixel nine Pro may be available within the equal Obsidian Black colour because the Pixel eight Pro. However, it is worth noting that the CAD-based totally renders do now not consist of any shade facts, so the final colorations may additionally range. Google currently launched a Mint colour variation for the Pixel eight Pro, marking the primary time the business enterprise has delivered a mid-cycle coloration refresh. If the Mint shade proves to be successful, there is a opportunity of seeing the return of the Pure White finish and probably a inexperienced variant for the Pixel nine Pro.

Impact of Apple’s Design

The leaks additionally highlight the have an effect on of Apple’s layout language on the Pixel nine Pro. The the front of the phone, with a dynamic digicam cutout, bears a striking resemblance to an iPhone. Even the frame of the Pixel 9 Pro appears similar to the iPhone 15 Pro’s body. Google is not the handiest employer taking inspiration from Apple, as Samsung has additionally followed flat frames for his or her ultra-modern smartphones. While this design desire can also attraction to Apple enthusiasts, it shows a departure from the particular identification of those organizations. However, a flat body does provide higher grip, which some users may prefer.


The leaks of the Google Pixel 9 Pro offer an interesting glimpse into the imminent device. With its absolutely new design, capability digital camera upgrades, and feasible coloration options, the Pixel 9 Pro is about to make a announcement within the telephone marketplace. However, Google’s choice to follow Apple’s layout language increases questions on the lack of individuality within the enterprise. Nonetheless, the Pixel 9 Pro is poised to be a compelling choice for users looking for a compact and feature-rich cellphone.

Stay tuned for more updates at the Pixel 9 Pro and its trendy version, which has also been leaked currently. Let us realize within the feedback in case you would really like a separate video masking the leaks of the usual Pixel 9. Until then, maintain an eye out for the release of our new wallpaper packs and different interesting announcements.

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